Artsynibs Brush Lettering Workshop

I had been toying with the idea of doing a calligraphy workshop ever since I saw Lily Pebbles vlog where she went and did one, and Artsynibs was one of the first I found when I started looking. I’d put it off for so long though as they always seemed to fall on a weekend when I was busy.

Finally, I found a date that I was free and booked on as soon as I could! Artsynibs were offering two courses, an ‘Intro to Modern Calligraphy’ and ‘Brush Lettering Workshop’. After much umming and ahhing I decided to go for the brush lettering option, as the lettering looked a little less ‘technical’.

The workshop was based at the Form Lifestyle Store in Manchester city centre. The store is absolutely stunning, from the outside it looks like a little country store misplaced within the urban setting of the Northern Quarter.

Once I arrived I was welcomed to the course by Joyce and took my seat along with 7 other ladies who were eager to begin. Included in the workshop fee we also received a brush lettering goodie back which included a brush pen, ink and a brush, and the workshop sheets, with additional practice sheets to take home.

Joyce starting by telling a bit about what we were going to be doing over the afternoon and advising us on the importance of breathing as we practised. It’s actually a little bit silly how often I forgot to breathe because I was concentrating too much.

In three hours the brush lettering workshop covers a lot of ground. We started by practising our lines and other techniques that are used in almost every letter, this was so helpful when it came to actually writing a real word!

Joyce is SUCH a wonderful teacher, she explains the technique in such great detail and is happy to provide help where needed. Instead of learning to write the alphabet in order, she groups the letters into those that have similar styles to make it easier to practice, this really helped!

As well as teaching us the basics of brush lettering, Joyce explained what equipment we could use, and the best places to get it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at the Artsynibs Brush Lettering Workshop and would fully recommend anyone who is looking for a similar course to book on this one! Below is my attempt at the alphabet, I’m not great but I’m going to keep practising!


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