Life Milestones

I’m a magazine hoarder, and I recently stumbled upon an old Jameela Jamil column from Cosmopolitan where she discusses life milestones and the age society dictates you should ‘achieve’ them.

Inspired by her post I thought I’d see how I compare, what milestones have I already hit and which ones am I years behind on?!

First Kiss: 15

Well, I was an early achiever with this one. I was around 11 or 12 when I had my first kiss or ‘got-off’ with someone as we used to call it.

My best friend and I had a pact that we would both kiss our ‘boyfriends’ if the other did. I remember it being SUCH a big deal, and we’d even set a date and time when it was going to be (I am cringing writing this).

The date came, and we were all there surrounded by a group of friends waiting for us to do it (how romantic). I ended up ‘getting-off’ with my boyfriend and my best friend didn’t, I wasn’t happy! Safe to say my first kiss wasn’t my best.

First Full-Time Job: 20

I was 22 when I started by first full-time role so I was two years late with this one. I’ve worked part-time pretty much consistently since I was 16, through college and university, but when I finished uni at 21 I did struggle to secure a full-time role.

My first full-time position was in sales in a call centre and I absolutely hated it, I am not cut out for sales!

I was there for a year and a half until I started my first ‘degree-related’ position in January 2016, as an editorial assistant for a marketing company. I’m still with the same company now in a different role, and I finally feel like I’m on the right track with my career!

Pass Driving Test: 20

I’m a little bit early with this one as I was 18 when I passed my test, and although that may be ‘early’ it wasn’t an easy ride.

I started lessons as soon as I turned 17 as I live in such a small town a car was essential to get anywhere. Passed my theory first time, but it took me FIVE attempts to pass the actual driving test. Something that my friends all like to take the piss out of me for.

Although I don’t have a car at the min as I don’t need one where I live, I’m SO glad I persevered when I was younger to pass, as I wouldn’t want to go through it all again!

First Holiday With Friends: 20 

Another ‘early’ one, I was 17 when I went on my girls holiday. I’d split up with my then-boyfriend, so my best friend and I booked a last minute deal to Turkey in between our exams. We had a general studies exam in the morning and then left college straight for the airport!

We both cried the first night as we felt so out of our depth, but we ended up having an amazing time and I’ve been on many girls holidays since.

Buy First Car: 22

I bought my first car when I was still learning to drive at 17. I bought it before I passed thinking it would help me as I’d get more time to practice, how wrong was I!
It was a Ford KA and although I absolutely loved the car I was ripped off when I first bought it as I had to fork out over £300 in the short time I had it. I’ve only ever had one other car since then, which was also a Ford KA (but the newer model).

First Holiday With Partner: 23

I was quite young when I went on my first (and only) holiday with a boyfriend. At 17 I obviously thought I was madly in love and that we’d have the best time away ever.

We went to Lanzarote and it was the worst holiday I’ve ever been on. We argued constantly and we went out of season so there was nothing to do and the weather was crap. The holiday was definitely the beginning of the end of that relationship.

Be a Bridesmaid: 23

I feel like 23 is really old to become a first-time bridesmaid, does anyone else agree? I was 9 when I was first a bridesmaid for my aunty, and I’ve been one about 3 or 4 times in total. As my friends start to settle down I’m really hoping I can be one a few more times, who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up!

Rent on Your Own: 24

I moved out when I was 24 – but with a flatmate. I got really lucky with my flat when I found it, despite the flatmate that came with it (but that’s a different story). I now live with a great flatmate, it’s a newish flat and it’s in a great location. I couldn’t imagine living alone, I’d be too bored!

Get Engaged: 25


Rent with Partner: 25

See above.

The rest of the milestones covered marriage, babies and mortgages, all of which I am miles off! I’ve never been one of those people to have a ‘five-year plan’, I’m quite content letting things happen as they happen.

I’m a big believer in fate, and these ‘milestones’ cannot be controlled. They’ll happen when they are meant too, and putting too much pressure on yourself to hit them will probably have the opposite effect.

Although saying that, I’m eager to hear where you shape up to these ‘milestones.’ Are you an early achiever or have you hit any of these super ‘late’? Let me know in the comments! 

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