18 Goals for 2018

I have a really bad habit of making new years resolutions and not sticking to them. I can’t even remember what mine were for 2017 – safe to say they didn’t happen!

I’m not quite sure why I think 2018 will be the year I actually achieve my goals, who knows if I’ll manage it. So I’m setting myself 18 goals for 2018 in the hopes I’ll be sat here on the 1st Jan 2019 actually having done at least one. Some are definitely more achievable than others, some are really broad, and some are super specific.

1. Cut out Coca-Cola

I have a serious addiction to fizzy drinks, specifically coca-cola. It’s actually ridiculous how much of it I drink and I know it’s probably ruining my insides. In 2017 I managed to go the entire month of January without drinking any, despite the intense headaches and constant cravings I actually felt loads better at the end of the month, but I didn’t manage to keep it up. My hope is by the end of 2018 I won’t be drinking coca-cola at all!

2. Use my gym membership

Since September I’ve been absolutely rubbish at going to the gym. I checked my online account and I’ve only been twice since August, shocking! I have no excuse for not going, as the gym is attached to my office building. Hopefully, I can get back to going regularly and start to feel the benefits again.

3. Consistently blog

I touched on this in yesterdays post ‘Getting Back into Blogging’, but I want to start blogging again for fun. It’s a dream to eventually write a book and writing on this little blog is great practice.

4. Go to at least one gig alone

I ALWAYS miss out on gigs I want to see as I can never find anyone to go with. In 2018 I plan on going alone to any gig I really want to attend but have no one to go with. Has anyone ever done this before?

5. Travel to at least 3 new countries

If I could quit my job and travel the world for the rest of my life I 100% would. Unfortunately, my bank balance won’t allow this but I do still want to visit places I’ve never been too. I’m attempting 30 countries before I’m 30 and 3 new countries will help me get a little closer to that goal.

6. Eat breakfast every day

I’m awful at fitting in breakfast every day, I either don’t eat or eat something rubbish. I want to get into the routine of having something healthy(ish) every day and I’ll hopefully see the benefits.

7. Learn to cook 5 new meals, well

I probably know how to make about 3 meals well from scratch, chicken pie, chicken tikka masala, and chilli con carne. I can make other things, but not without the help of a very detailed recipe. This year I want to broaden my culinary skills and learn how to cook 5 new meals from scratch and get bloody good at cooking them.

8. Continue to grow in my role at work

I’m so lucky to work in a company that encourages growth, and I’ve been fortunate to move into a role within a growing part of the business. I’ll be working my little butt off to continue to grow and improve in my role in 2018, I can’t wait to see what this year brings work-wise.

9. Volunteer my time

When I was a teenager I did tonnes of volunteering, from helping at my local youth club, being a young leader at a Brownie pack, and even going to Ghana for a month with a charity. Life has gotten in the way more recently and I’ve not found any time to give back, this year I’m going to volunteer my time to at least one charity if not more.

10. Save money

I am SO bad at saving, but this year I want to start putting some money away for a rainy day fund. I’m going to do the penny a day challenge, where you put 1p in on Jan 1st all the way up to £3.65 on December 31st in an attempt to save a bit of cash.

11. Make new friends

Is it a bit weird that a 25-year-old woman wants to make new friends? I don’t think so! I’ve been living in Manchester for a year and a half now and I’ve been in a little bubble just seeing my same friends, and that is great, but it would be nice to meet new likeminded people as well.

12. Stop overthinking things

This is a biggie for me, I’m such an overthinker. The littlest thing can play over in my mind again and again. This year I’m determined to stop overthinking, and stressing over the smallest things that I can’t do anything about.

13. Take off my makeup every night

Pretty self-explanatory, I’m often guilty of getting into bed and falling asleep with the reminents of the days makeup still on my face. I need to stop being gross and take the day off, EVERYDAY.

14. Use my bullet journal for the entire year

In my attempt at getting my shit together in 2018 I’ve started a bullet journal (post coming soon) and I want to keep using it all year as I know it’ll be a massive help with organisation.

15. Complete my NCTJ Diploma

I’ve been doing my NCTJ Diploma as a distance learner for a couple of years now, and it is SO HARD to find the motivation to revise and study when I’m working full time. I’ve got a fair few modules left to do and 2018 is (hopefully) the year I do it.

16. Take more photos

This is a pretty simple one, I just want to really improve my photography this year. I’ve sold my DSLR and I’ve now got an Olympus Pen I need to get to grips with. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see my skills progress as the year goes on.

17. Read a book a month

Another simple one, I just want to read more!

18. Manage my CFS better

This final goal is a biggie for me. Early in 2017 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and while the diagnosis was a breakthrough for me, I’m still struggling to manage my fatigue. I’ve been lucky to get sent to various courses through the NHS, and hopefully these will help.

So there you have it, my 18 goals for 2018. It’s going to be fun to look back at this in a years time and see how many I kept too. Have you made any resolutions this year? 


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